The start of a new adventure – you have made the decision to sell your property! So, what’s next?

The first step is to find out the current value of your home. 

At this point, many agents will exaggerate the value of your property in a bid to win your custom.  We would always advise to think carefully here and not rush into going with the highest valuation.  No agent has the ability to beat the market, so it is always better to be realistic. Valuations and surveys must match up further down the line and if they don’t, then you and your potential buyer run the risk of disappointment. 

At Stones Young, we provide a free property valuation service, offering honest, expert advice on how best to market your property and other aspects of your move. We will provide comparable evidence of what has sold in your area, the current state of the property market, as well as advising what your home is worth – all in one friendly visit!

Our award-winning team live and breathe all things property and share an extensive knowledge of the local area. Simply put, we know what sells property. 

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When a loved one sadly passes away, probate must be granted so that the estate can be divided among beneficiaries in accordance with their will.

However, before this can happen, the value of property, assets and belongings that form the estate, together with any debts or liabilities, must be calculated and reported to HMRC.

For many estates, a residential property will be the single largest asset – but unlike a bank account or shares, it does not have a simple fixed value.

Therefore, it is vital that probate property valuation is carried out correctly.

For probate purposes, this is defined as the value the property might reasonably fetch if it was sold on the open market to a willing buyer on the date of transfer. Usually, the transfer date is the date of death.

If you have any questions regarding probate valuations please contact us here.


The property can be marketed and a buyer sourced, a price agreed but ultimately the contacts cannot be exchanged and therefore, technically sold, prior to the probate having been granted.

This is completely understandable and generally we look to undertake all viewings for all our properties regardless. We never allow buyers to have a key and show themselves around and have many security procedures in place to ensure the keys are held securely.

We do advise you remove any valuable items should the property remain unoccupied, although we do not advise you clear the contents entirely. A property will generally feel more homely with furnishings in. De-cluttering any property is always advisable if possible, however we can advise in more detail after we have visited each home.

We will discuss and agree on what is best for you with each individual sale. We are more than happy to keep multiple people informed, although the executor(s) will be the primary point of contact.